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Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess


Five years after the release of Barbie Mariposa, the butterfly fairy heroine returns in a story that takes her far beyond anything she’s ever known! In Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess, Mariposa is sent to Shimmervale to meet the crystal fairies, and make peace with them. Mariposa is quick to make friends with Catania, a crystal fairy princess who hasn’t flown for years. Catania’s father, the King of Shimmervale, doesn’t trust Mariposa. But she proves her worth when an old enemy of the crystal fairies returns, and Mariposa teams up with Princess Catania to save Shimmervale!

On August 27,th Barbie is releasing her 26th title – Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess! In this title, Barbie is bringing back the beloved Mariposa character and spreading positive messages, laughter and pink-tastic fun!

Below is the Trailer of the all new movie!



My girls were so excited to receive the new Barbie dolls! The new  Mariposa doll has extraordinary fairy wings – large and colorful ones, like all butterfly fairies! She keeps them folded around her like a dress, but at the push of a button on her necklace, they unfold to a spectacular size. A dial on her back lets you fold her wings back around her, until her next flight.


  • Return of a beloved character in a new DVD movie
  • Dress transforms into her huge sparkly wings
  • Fairy wings pop out at the push of a button
  • Includes doll and attached fashion

The  Barbie Mariposa and The Fairy Princess Catania Doll  captures the princess’ story with a skirt and wings that transform from simply pretty to ballroom gorgeous. Girls just push a button to see her skirt pop open and her wings move up for her fantastical fairy princess look.


  • Based on Barbie’s newest animated movie, Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy
  • Girls will love renacting their favorite scenes from the movie
  • Barbie stars as Mariposa, a fairy who travels to Shimmervale and makes a new fairy friend along the way
  • Girls just push a button to see her skirt pop open and her wings move up for her fantastical fairy princess look

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