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Barbie Charm School Party!

“Please, thank you, excuse me and may I.”  All basic expressions of common courtesy that as parents we stress to incorporate into our children’s everyday vocabulary and hope they’ll take their etiquette cues into a world that is constantly evolving with the advent of new technology, and even we have to remind ourselves not to text at the dinner table.

As parents, we can’t do enough to prepare our children to be courteous and helpful.  We are always striving for creative ways to teach important lessons that will resonate with our kids and ‘stick’ with them in life.

The girls couldn’t wait to have a few friends over for their own barbie Charm School Party and to watch the Barbie Charm School DVD.

We started the party off letting the girls all play with the Barbies. Then they all decorated their own barbie coloring page with stickers. The girls had a little lesson in manners at the table and then we ended the party with watching the movie!

Each girl left with their own place mat, tiara and manners to continue to use at home!

We do not have pictures of our party guests as parents asked to not have their children online. But all the girls had a blast and left begging mom to buy them the barbies and DVD!

*A party pack was provided to host our own party thanks to One2One Network.

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  1. Hi Amanda

    Great blog. I am searching for the place mats in this post. Where can I find those? I joined the one2one Network but I am now a little confused on how to get the party kit from there.

    Please help shed some light.

    Thanks so much in advance.


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