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BamBoo Bear

BamBoo Bears are 13 inches tall. They are made with a soft and silky new material, bamboo fleece, which is a blend of naturally grown bamboo and organic cotton.  The ears, tails and paw pads are made of hemp and organic cotton corduroy, and give the bears some additional texture. The stuffing is made from corn-based fiber which is environmentally sustainable, and gives the bears a light and springy feel.

This is seriously one of the cutest teddy bears I have ever seen. They are very soft and Sarah loves to cuddle with the pink BamBoo Bear. When I told Sarah about Pink-a-Boo and what she can do, Sarah giggled and hasn’t put her down.

Pink-a-Boo cares about the environment. She recycles everything she can. She also turns off lights when she leaves the room, and tries not to use too much water. In her free time she likes to be thrown in the air flipping like a gymnast.

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