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Back to School: Wilson Jones Binders


I knew that once Samantha hit Fifth Grade she would start using binders and learning how to organize her classes in dividers. I think it’s a great way to teach kids how to be organized and not get confused in their class subjects.

Maybe it’s my OCD but I had to always have everything organized into binders and dividers. I had to have my papers neat because if they weren’t then I would stress and not knowing what homework was due or what I needed to turn in.

Organization starts at a young age and I love that Wilson Jones Binders are the perfect solution for tweens and teens.


The Heavy Duty and Ultra Duty binder lines that launched earlier this year and are ideal for the home office, organizational projects and for kids for the upcoming Back to School season.  With an extra durable hinge, strong cover and exciting new assortment of colors they will last and wont break apart.


They come in different sizes and make it easy for kids to keep everything organized with the View tab Transparent Dividers.  dividers can be used with any binder and feature transparent tabs that let you save time by printing all your tab titles out on one sheet instead of inserting them one by one.

You can purchase Wilson Jones products at your local office supply store.
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