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Back to School: Tolo Electronic Cash Register


While the big kids go back to school, little kids can get started with the basics.

Reeves Toys Scrambled Eggs Shape Sorter’s cute design featuring chunky pieces teaches shape sorting and color matching,

while Tolo’s electronic cash register encourages classic role play that introduces the basics of adding and subtraction.

The times tables are no problems for second and third graders with Multiplication Magic, a simpler, more engaging alternative to flash cards or timed tests.

Middle schoolers can even get involved with the fun with Geomag’s starter kits that combine fun construction play with the fundamentals of geometry, magnetism, and physics!


We received the awesome Tolo® Electronic Cash Register for Shelby and I knew right off the bat she would love it, plus the older girls can play with her. Not only does it teach the toddlers about money, but the older girls can use it with pretend play and help with counting money too!


Complete with flashing lights and fun sounds, the electronic cash register includes play money to introduce concepts of addition and subtraction. Preschoolers have fun while exploring a new challenge through role play!

The Cash Register includes pretend money and a credit card. The Register rings and lights up when the credit card is swiped.

As toddlers get older (for and up, or when they stop putting things in their mouth) you can add change to help with teaching about coins!


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