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Back to School- French Toast

Finding clothes that are cute and affordable for kids can sometimes be a chore. Most schools now a days are requiring students to wear Kids school uniforms.  Our school does not require students wear a Uniform to school. But that doesn’t mean they have guidelines of what they would like to see students wearing, and NOT wearing! While I am very glad that kids get to wear what they want (well, almost), I do believe that kids should be dressed appropriately and modestly.

We had the chance to check out some of French Toast’s clothing. I decided to get the girls matching pants  and picked out the Puff Sleeve Polo for Sarah and Short Sleeve Smock Front Polo for Samantha.  Samantha also got the adorable Cable Front Cardigan.

Sarah thinks the Puff Sleeve Polo is the neatest shirt and loves the accents on the sleeves. We love to pair it up with jumpers and jeans.

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French Toast uniforms can be found at retailers across the nation, or on-line at Where you can find both Boys school uniforms   and  Girls  school uniforms  .

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