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Back to School: Colgate Kids

Although you are enjoying soaking up the sun with your family and friends, it is inevitable that it will soon be time to get the kids ready for school. While you are shopping for back-to-school items for your child, I wanted to share a twist to the obvious back-to-school products that parents can add to their children’s backpacks… a toothbrush and toothpaste.

It’s already part of the daily routine in Massachusetts day care centers and preschools – just like mandatory “Nap Time,” children have special “Brush Time” when they brush their teeth as a class or have a teacher assist with proper brushing skills.

Encourage the same kind of healthy oral care habits this school year by including a toothbrush and toothpaste with your child’s lunchbox.  While the kids may be away at school, you can feel confident their smiles will be taken care of if you arm them with the Colgate Kids line.  Colgate offers several options for children ages 0-13, all aimed to protect growing mouths and make brush time fun.

My girls love to brush their teeth, but we had to come up with games and songs to get them to brush them. When they have fun toothbrushes and neat looking toothpaste tubes they want to brush more! That is what we love about Colgate, they know what kids like and NEED!

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  1. My mom grew up without anyone really telling her about her teeth and she paid for it. She made sure to start her kids out right and that is also what I did with mine. Teeth are one of the few things we all want to keep as long as we can.

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