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Back Pain Basics For Hard Working Moms

It’s no surprise that many women get back trouble during their pregnancy, but many new moms aren’t prepared for the endless spinal problems that arise when you are bringing up your kids. The constant picking up and wrangling with toddlers, the tidying away, the multitasking – it all adds up to an environment where your back could end up in serious trouble.

Whether you slip a disc, strain a muscle, or even develop something like sciatica, the impact back problems can have on your life is immense. With this in mind, here are a few ideas for all you hard-working moms out there that should help you regain your mobility and help you continue looking after your little ones with less pain.

Improve your movement

Most people have a tendency to walk in a way that is most relaxing and uses less energy, But when you have a bad back, it can be self-defeating. By really thinking about your movement and the way you walk or pick things up, you can make a huge difference. Be mindful, and ‘in the moment’ as much as you possibly can. Yes, it can be tricky when you are tired, in a rush, or at the end of your tether – but try and concentrate on the way you are moving more often and you will experience the benefits.

Work on your core

Your core muscles – from your stomach down to your thighs – get extremely weak after you have had a baby. As points out, given it’s these muscles that support your back, it’s not too much of a surprise that you will suffer from spinal aches and pains. Try some yoga – pilates is excellent for core strength – and as you get stronger, you can move onto sit-ups, leg raises and all kinds of other excellent core strength exercises.

Sleep better at night

The trouble with back pain is that it can stop you from sleeping. And the problem with not sleeping properly is that it can increase your back pain. As you can see, these simple facts can result in significant problems for your back, and it’s essential that you make some changes if you aren’t getting enough sleep. According to, you should start by looking for a high-quality mattress, which will give you more support as you sleep. Sleep therapists also recommend you establish – and stick with – a regular bedtime routine (tough when you have kids, of course, but important nonetheless). And finally, avoid looking at cell phone, tablet or computer screens before you go to bed. The light that these devices emit make your brain go into overdrive, and will leave you struggling to get some shuteye for a good hour or so after you use them.

Lose some weight

Finally, the trickiest – but most effective – way of ensuring your motherhood isn’t plagued by back trouble: losing weight. You’ll need to think about what you eat and how you exercise if you want to make a difference, and if you lose those extra pounds you have built up, it will put less pressure and strain on your back, and keep you in a better, more comfortable condition.

DO you have any tips for solving back issues when you are a busy mom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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