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Back from a Mini Vacation

So last week the girls and I stayed at my inlaws house. I was there house/doggy sitting while they were in Maui, no fair I know. Anyways, we had a very nice time. I took the girls to Lake Gregory. I got some pictures
Here is Samantha smiling for me
Miss Sarah who didn’t want anything to do with the camera Sam, she wanted to build a sand castle
This is Erin (neighbor) with Sarah

It was a lot of fun. Of course I managed to hurt myself by falling and road rashing my leg up pretty bad, but it is healing now, plus I hurt myself by making sure the baby didn’t get hurt, so it was worth it.Samantha also had her last Ballet class for the summer. (she will start back up in the fall)

Sam looking at Lake Arrowhead and of course posing
Here is a picture of Sam and I
Sarah posing (I made her outfit)

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