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Baby Shower: The Cezara belly support panty

The one in three pregnant American women who deliver by Cesarean yearly have special need for comfort and support. The Cezara belly support panty, developed for these moms, has an internal pad which compresses and protects the Cesarean scar, while the integrated support band lifts the prenatal or post-delivery belly from the scar and provides desired back support.

Moms start wearing Cezara, alone or over a panty, at 33 weeks and resume wearing it, with medical approval, right after delivery through recovery.   Cezara protects the scar from the gentle bumping of sling-carried baby and also protects the scar while holding baby during nursing. Non-Cesarean moms love the belly and back support also!

Cezara is a sister company to Melinda G Nursing Bras – wonderfully comfortable nursing bras and the fabulous Cami Sutra nursing cami which features a full nursing bra (complete with hidden hooks and eyes!) underneath!

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6 Responses to “Baby Shower: The Cezara belly support panty”

  1. Eileen says:

    So could this kind of thing be helpful if you’re prenatal and haven’t had a c-section? Or is it just for c-section mamas?

  2. Sue says:

    HI, I have also seen this product selling on a site called True Baby Love and with free shipping.

  3. Tian Kinasih says:

    Thank you for introducing to cezara belly support panty. My sister just had her first daughter, and she needs this kind of pants, since she delivered her baby with c-section method.

  4. June L says:

    I really didn’t know about products like these. Sounds like a big help and something I would want to use when that time comes.

  5. Sue says:

    HI this product is for sale on a website called True Baby Love , check it out there!

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