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baby shower sneak peak…

With Samantha I never had any kind of say in my baby showers, which is fine.  Mommy-to-be really doesn’t get much to say anyways since it’s friends and family putting together something special for mom and baby.

With Sarah we didn’t have a shower. We were told “you don’t get showers after the first baby”… ok fine. Not a big deal again since we still had everything from Samantha so we didn’t need much.

Now, it’s been 6 years since we had Sarah and we got rid of everything! We are starting completely over and our friends and family are just as excited as we are and couldn’t wait to start planning a shower for miss Shelby!

Here are some pictures we found of ideas we loved and will be recreating for my shower this December.

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  1. What a sweet baby shower! I also have 2 daughters and we got rid of EVERYTHING after the second…so if we have a third I worry what we would do! I love all the candy…what a “sweet” idea for a sweet baby!

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