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Baby Shower: Bummis Easy Fit Cloth Diapers

When I first saw the Bummis Easy Fit Cloth Diaper I first noticed the adorable prints. Those fluff prints are so cute! I also loved the design and how nice they looked overall.

The liner is attached and stuffed inside which makes it easy when it comes time to wash, you can make sure the entire diaper is clean. This makes it super simple to stuff – easier than a conventional pocket diaper. No fiddling around, just a quick tuck to slip the insert in the pocket.

No more losing liners in the laundry! Because the liner is attached to the diaper, the Easy Fit combines the convenience of an all-in-one (AIO) diaper with some of the benefits of a 2-piece diaper – quick to dry and easy to clean.

The innovative design of the Easy Fit allows you to adjust the level of absorption. The attached liner can be folded to create up to 6 layers where your baby needs more absorption. Plus you have the option of adding extra inserts for heavy wetters or for nighttime.

The Easy Fit is a one-size diaper (8-35 lbs); you can adjust the rise using the snaps on the front of the diaper. The Easy Fit comes in bright and trendy colours and prints (Oeko-tex certified dyes!), plus white. Packaged minimally and eco-consciously.

Overall this is a great diaper and we can’t wait to test it out.

You can purchase Bummis/Tots Bots at Cotton Babies.

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4 Responses to “Baby Shower: Bummis Easy Fit Cloth Diapers”

  1. Tian Kinasih says:

    I never try cloth diapers before. Maybe I’ll try on my next baby, but I’m not pretty sure, because diapers way more practical than cloth diapers.

  2. Eileen says:

    My daughter is trying out the cloth diapers just this past week. I thought she was NUTS for doing this until I saw how superbly they were made and how soft. I still think with high cost of water, heater for water, laundry soap and dryer that there can’t possibly be much difference in cost after buying these, but is a TON better for our environment and that is worth way more than money can ever buy or what you can save. Applause to anyone who at least tries them. I love this brand with Velcro

  3. Heather says:

    Thanks for the review. I plan on cloth diapering so I need all the info and reviews I can get.

  4. Rajee Pandi says:

    I would love to have this brand with cute prints

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