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Baby Nursery Advice/Suggestions

One of the last things I have to do with Shelby’s nursery is the crib. We already have her bedding and since it’s green and brown we are adding pink in to make it a little more girlie.  The crib bedding we have is the Green and Brown Damask from

I ordered two smaller Texas stars but I also want to do something cute for the wall or something hanging. Would the paper pom poms (from etsy) look ok with this bedding set? or would it be too busy because of the damask print?

OR should I do the Swatch Portraits?


What do you think I should do?

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12 Responses to “Baby Nursery Advice/Suggestions”

  1. Heather says:

    I vote for the pom poms…. simple and a great splash of color!

  2. Eileen says:

    I agree with Heather…bold color and texture and based higher up so not competing with the bedding colors. With blankets and picture frames, etc… with some same colors it would be blissful!

  3. Tara Hill says:

    I prefer the swatch portraits…I feel like it would be too busy with the pom poms.

  4. Bethanny says:

    I think you have such a great sense of style, no matter what it will be beautiful!!

  5. Elena says:

    I would choose the Swatch Portraits

  6. courtney b says:

    i love the pomp poms! they are gorgeous!

  7. June L says:

    I Like the portraits because you can more easily match them with other decorations. Pom Poms are cute though.

  8. Rebecca Smith says:

    I love the pom poms, but can you get them to match the colors of the bedding?

  9. anneke says:

    I love the pom poms if you can get them to match the colors of bedding/walls 🙂

  10. Shannon F. says:

    I’m probably too late but my vote is for swatch portraits! What’d you end up doing?

    Shannon F.

  11. Marcie W. says:

    I’m also a Swatch Portrait fan out of the two suggestions. I feel that Pom Poms are cute, but might collect more dust.

  12. Zooly Gift says:

    very beautiful bedding and pom poms.

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