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Baby Month: Toe Blooms

It is the moment many women dream of; the birth of her first baby girl. She is your little angel and finding the perfect outfits to compliment her cuteness is a must. So what does every little angel need? Toe Blooms!!

Toe Blooms are beautiful flowered footwear created by a mom just like you! Hallie House searched high and low for shoes that would stay on her baby girl’s feet. Then she faced another obstacle. Her pediatrician said shoes could restrict the natural development of her baby’s feet. So Toe Blooms were born!

There are two different styles of Toe Blooms; Blooming Toes wrap around your babies toe, Blooming Wraps wrap around the foot and can be worn with socks. They come in all different flowers, shapes and colors, so there is surely one to match your baby’s personality!

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3 Responses to “Baby Month: Toe Blooms”

  1. R Hicks says:

    These are so cute and they are good for the childs feet. Bravo!

  2. Eileen says:

    I just love the Precious in Polka Dots! What a cute idea to accessorize and “frilly up” our little darlin’s!

  3. Tian Kinasih says:

    It’s so cute and beautiful, I can’t wait summer come! 🙂

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