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Baby Month: Sound Beginnings

Sound Beginnings is a safe, comfortable way for pregnant women to share music and voice with their prenatal babies. The unique design features waterproof speakers integrated into a soft fabric band. The product can be used with any MP3 player and is completely machine washable, speakers and all. Pregnant women can share their favorite music and stories with their babies in a way that is truly user-friendly.

I love the idea of letting your baby listen to music with you.

Sound Delivery allows friends and family members to record messages to be played with the Sound Beginnings. Rather than requiring a separate device or complicated technology, Sound Delivery requires only a telephone and computer access. Loved ones can call and record messages wherever they might be that are instantly converted to MP3s and sent to mom’s account on our website for easy download.

Moms and parenting groups are raving about Sound Beginnings. So far, we’ve received 6 awards for our product, including Disney’s iParenting Award, the Parent Test Parent Approved Award, the Mom’s Best Award and the Metro Mom’s Award.

*A product was received.

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  1. What an awesome product! I love the fact that relatives who live out of town, particularly grandparents, can record messages to be shared with the baby, thereby, allowing the relative to be a part of the pregnancy when they can’t physically be there to enjoy it.

  2. I can sure believe they have awards for this product…it sounds like a winner!
    And you can WASH the WHOLE thing?! thats crazy cool!

  3. It’s so interesting I had never heard of this product until today. I’ve seen research where the baby benefits (intellectually) if they “listen” to music while still in the womb (like Bach and Mozart). Great product.

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