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Audiovox EarBudeez

I have one fabulous stocking stuffer idea for boys, girls, tweens young adults. Heck even adults would love them! They are EarBudeez.

Samantha received a pair of the adorable pink ones wrapped in  Holiday Wrapping, which happens to look like Mrs. Claus!

Audiovox EarBudeez come in a variety of fun colors and packaging, each reflective of tween listener’s sense of style. We even have a limited-edition package shaped to look like Santa and his elves! They’re compatible with virtually every media device, including Apple’s iPod and iPhone and can be purchased at Toys R’ Us and Walmart.


Audiovox found that customers choose their earbuds like a fashion accessory and packaging is key to their choice. JDA developed the earBudeez series as personalities with the earbuds as eyes in different positions to convey attitudes and emotions. These fun, eye-catching packages appeal to customers of all ages who want to express themselves with a unique product.

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  1. Hey, they can go crazy with this and do celebrity Budeez, fashion ones, cartoon ones, rock bands, different breeds of pets, and on and on…if it’s all in the packaging…it should be easy! Great idea…I know MY tweens and teens would be hooked.

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