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Are Diaper Bags a Necessity?

One thing first time moms learn very quickly is the importance of diaper bags. Many first time moms receive a diaper bag at the baby shower; they smile and say thank you while thinking that they won’t use it very often if at all.

While waiting for the big day, mom will put a couple of receiving blankets in the diaper bag, maybe a bottle and some clothes to bring baby home.

The big day arrived; mom, dad and baby are home enjoying themselves and getting acquainted to life ‘with children’. Mom and dad are in awe and wonder of their baby; their hearts ready to explode every time they look at their beautiful little baby.

After a week or two life returns to normal with the addition of an infant to care for. Dad is back at work, and Mom (who used to sleep in every chance she got) has learned that sleep is greatly over rated, and something that she will not experience again for quite some time.

Time to take the baby to the doctor, and to the grandparents’ homes and to the grocery store and probably to work so every one can see him or her. As mom is getting ready to go, she has diapers at the ready, a change of clothes, extra blankets and pre-made bottles of formula or breast milk. Looks like the diaper bag is going to be used for this trip!

Now mom is ready to go back to work; she has found a good baby sitter for baby – a family member, who she knows can be trusted and also loves the baby. Believe it or not, as babies get older they require more things instead of less.

The use of diaper bags for ‘sitters’ is essential. Think of all the things that are done with and for your baby on a daily basis. The diaper bag can be readied the night before so that the mornings are less hectic.

Remember, when packing diaper bags for the sitter, always pack more than you think the baby needs. The last thing you need while at work is a call from the sitter stating that they have run out of diapers, clothes or anything else.

Make a list of what you are going to send to the sitter; diapers, clothes, formula and bottles, or bottles pre-made with breast milk, powder and lotions, baby wipes and toys.

TIP: To make your life a little easier, check with your sitter to see if you can leave bags of diapers, powder, lotions and perhaps a can of formula.

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  1. I certainly needed a diaper bag when my kids were infants. Then, there was a time I had 2 in diapers and needed a bag to carry items for both. Now that my youngest is almost 4, I leave my diaper bag in the car for an emergency clothes change or snack need only

  2. I did use a diaper bag when the munchkin was a wee one. BUT now I have a HUGE purse instead! I should have just purchased a HUGE new purse the 1st time around (just another excuse to buy another). :o)

    I love Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags! I am carrying a Manhattan right now!

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