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Unlikely food pairings are oftentimes surprisingly tasty. Chili powder on mango anyone? How about olives with orange rind? These flavor combinations, while seemingly nonsensical, are a treat to your palette and a testament to the endless ways in which you can be creative in the kitchen.

Since culinary innovation knows no bounds, why not take this to the grill? al fresco’s new Sweet & Smoky BBQ Chicken Sausage does just that, providing you with an unlikely new flavor that will perk up your meal. Savory with a hint of smoky flavor, you may just get carried away thinking about all the delicious dishes you can pair with your new summer staple.

Be sure to also head on over to  and vote for your favorite grilling recipes using sweet and smoky BBQ. When you vote, you will be entered to win $500 AND a high quality grill ($500 value).

Made with lean, skinless chicken meat, al fresco’s chicken sausage products contain 70% less fat and 30% less sodium than average pork sausage. Better yet, all of al fresco’s chicken sausage flavors are gluten-free and are packaged fully cooked – meaning you can enjoy your delicious grilled sausage in minutes.

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