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When we moved to Redlands we found out that the water system was not the greatest and the water tasted like chlorine. We looked into a water cooler only to find them expensive and the water not getting very hot or cold.

When we heard about the Clover Cooler from Air & Water, Inc. we couldn’t wait to check it out.

Start enjoying chilled water for drinking or hot water for instant beverages and soups with the Clover B7A hot and cold water dispenser!  This quality water cooler is constructed of UV protected, high density polyethylene and features a hygienic stainless steel water tank.  A double float valve with secondary safety float mechanism also reduces spills.   

Dispenses Hot and Cold Water
The Clover B7A makes chilled water for drinking and dispenses hot water for soups or instant beverages.  This freestanding water dispenser is perfect for the home or office!

Easy to Clean
The one piece ABS drip tray is removable for easy cleaning. 

Cold Water Thermostat
The Clover B7A water dispenser comes with a cold water thermostat so you can control the water temperature to your preference.  Hot water is controlled to nearly 185° F by an automatic thermostat. 

Efficient Cooling System
This hot and cold water dispenser has a highly efficient convection cooled condenser that operates quietly.

Air & Water, Inc. offers so many fabulous products for your home, from heating, to grills, humidifiers, filters.. pretty much anything that has to do with air and water you can find it there!

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  1. I’ve been looking for an inexpensive water cooler to replace my old unit. This one looks like it’s the perfect size for my kitchen and from what you described, it seems super efficient. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I would love to have one of these too! We have an under sink filter but the water is room temp…not so great in the summer. I do wonder if there is a protective valve for the hot water in case a young child were in the house?
    Sure would be nice to have hot water for broth, hot lemon, and hot cocoa!


    1. I have been a fan of my Clover cooler for years ever since i put one in my office, and yes the hot water faucet has a safty valve.
      Clover also Provides an under the counter water chiller, also available on air-n-water:
      My wife had me install one of these 3 months ago and I cant imagine living without it.

  3. This type of water cooler does have a safety on the hot water dispenser, designed so children won’t have accidents. I actually was able to get safety nozzle for the cold water one as well by contacting my vendor.

  4. I heard about Clover about a year ago and have one of the coolers (B7A) and it has been amazing! Looks great, price was very fair and my kids drink a lot more water as they love the taste and filling their cups from the machine. Thanks Amanda for the great report.

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