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A&H Switch & Save Challenge: Baking Soda

I am really excited to be working with Arm and Hammer and the awesome A&H Switch & Save Challenge!

We delivered several products from the ARM & HAMMER family to 20 Bloggers and asked them to put their favorite brands to the test. After trying a product for 30 days would we switch?

My first product to check out is the Baking Soda.  I am sure almost every household has that orange box in it’s cupboard somewhere, or maybe even in the fridge.

 I still remember hearing years ago about how the A&H Baking Soda can help deodorize a stinky fridge. Well, of course when we received our boxes I knew one would instantly go in the fridge! I didn’t think my fridge smelled too bad. But now, even after only a few days when you open the fridge it smells clean and fresh, even when we have fresh onion cut up in a bowl, you can barely even smell them!

One thing I love about the Baking Soda box is there is a spot for you to write the date on when to change it. This was not on the box a few years ago.

But did you know you can use Baking Soda for many different things besides it freshening up your fridge? From the obvious baking, but you cna use it to scrub dishes, and it helps get grime off your stove top. You can mix it with water and take battery acid off. Children love when you mix it with vinegar to make their own Volcano!

We used Baking Soda with water when we were cleaning our family boat to get the grime and battery acid off the boat. I was shocked at how well it cleaned off something so gross!

What are ways you have used Baking Soda in your household?

Save 50¢ off two 2lb or 4lb boxes of ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda. And be sure to visit The Switch & Save Challenge to tap into more resources and enter to win $25,000.

* This is a sponsored post for Church & Dwight Co., Inc, the maker of ARM & HAMMER branded products, who is compensating me to try different products.

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  1. This is a staple in our house too! I’m in the Switch & Save Challenge too and was excited to visit the other bloggers and check out their reviews 🙂 I’m sure we will get to know each other well over the next few months!



  2. I am a little lost after reading your post…what exactly is the A&H Switch & Save Challenge? I clicked on your links, but they did not work and could not find where to enter the contest either. Help!!!

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