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Aerobie Sprint Flying Rings

A few weeks ago my husband asked if we had a Frisbee. We just so happened to have one laying around so we decided to take the girls up to our elementary school and within minutes we broke it. We all were bummed that our game had ended so quickly.

When our Aerobie Sprint Flying Ring arrived we couldn’t wait to get out and play with it.  One thing we are trying to do as a family is get out and exercise more, and to play outside! We absolutely love the Aerobie Sprint Flying Ring. It is so easy to toss to your partner and to catch it. Sarah is 5 and loves to play with it as well.

As everyone knows, our kids need to get outside and exercise more. Michelle Obama’s Move campaign states that kids need to engage in an hour of physical activity a day to grow up healthy. And there’s another aspect to exercise that’s important to consider. Former US Surgeon General David Satcher observes that children who are more physically fit do better academically. Better grades are another good reason for moms to get kids to exercise.

Now, whenever we go up to the school to play with have a bag packed with our favorite games and the Aerobie Sprint Flying Ring is one of them!

This post was written for Family Review Network & Aerobie Sprint who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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