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A Treat with A Purpose

Enjoying  chocolate just got that much sweeter! Did you know that for the past 100 years, you have been helping children in need simply by your purchase of Hershey’s? Check out to learn how.

Every standard and king-size Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar and Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds will contain a special “Thank You” message in celebration of the 100 years of support for Milton Hershey School.  The back of each bar states, “Every Hershey’s product you’ve enjoyed has helped support children in need through Milton Hershey School. Thank You for making a difference!”

Milton Hershey demonstrated the ultimate random act of kindness when he founded Milton Hershey School to help children in need, then devoted his entire fortune to ensure the school’s future.

This week, MILTON HERSHEY SCHOOL and The Hershey Company are celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week by asking people everywhere to say Thank You for the little things people do for them.

From February 15-21, go to to share a virtual Hershey’s® bar and some Hershey’s Happiness with friends and family.

A product was received for this review. All opinions are my own.

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