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A New Decade

Prom 2002
Prom 2002

I was thinking about this the past few days. Here we are in a new decade! I can not believe it’s been 10 years wince we hit 2000. So much has happened in 10 years, and like they should since I am young! 

2000: Started dating Patrick.
2001: Got engaged on my 18th birthday to Patrick.
2002: Became pregnant with Samantha and graduated High School.
2003: Welcomed our first daughter into the world. Got married to my high school sweetheart.
2004: Enjoyed living in Redlands and watching my daughter grow into a toddler. Started trying to have another baby.
2005: Got pregnant with our second daughter who was born in Nov. of 05.
2006: Started my online boutique and making hair bows. Moved to San Diego and loved it!
2007: Moved back to Redlands, enjoyed swimming every day with my kids and started blogging (again).
2008: Moved to Lake Arrowhead. Samantha started Kindergarten, and I started working at school.
2009: Continued working at school. Tanya from MommyGoggles came and stayed a week with me. Went to NYC for the first time.
2010: Went on many blog trips. Went back to NYC!!  Saw Tim McGraw in concert TWICE! Sarah started Kindergarten. Early miscarriage. 




2008 & 2009:



Now here we are in 2011. A new decade. A new year to achieve so many goals! 

 In this new decade what I would love to do is: 

  •  Complete our family. Just one more baby and maybe a son!
  • Move somewhere out of state!  Pat is thinking of Akron Ohio!
  • Finish school. I am not sure what kind of schooling I want to do. I did half of my college but it’s not soemthing I want to do. Maybe trade school, or something. The possibilities are endless!
  • Go to Europe. It’s a dream that Pat and I have had for quite a few years now.
  • Enjoy my children as children. This next decade is all I will have with Samantha as a child. When the new decade hits she will be turning 18, and planning her own life without me.

For now, those are the things I’d like to do this decade. Hopefully my blog will still be around so in 2021 I can look back and see which I accomplished.

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  1. Those photo collages are wonderful. I wish I could do that! Oh, the years how they do fly. Amanda you’re still so young and your girls are babies. The next decade will be amazing for you!!

  2. Awww…Amanda, that is such a special post! Thank you for sharing it!!! Wishing you guys nothing but the best! Btw, how can you resist that pic of Sam in the toilet…HA! Too Cute!!!

    1. Kellie! I know, she was 2.5 and I told her it was time for a bath, I went to grab a clean towel I think and when I walked into the bathroom that is how I found her. I told her to stay while I grabbed the camera. I had jsut cleaned the toilet that morning.. and she was about to get in the tub. I just laughed! It’s one of those pictures to bring out when she has a boyfriend. LOL

  3. Even crazier than 2000 being a decade ago, I can’t believe that 1990 was *20 years ago*!! Kids born in the 90s are almost old enough to drink! It messes with my head!

  4. What a great way to share your family with us like this! I am also going to be sad when the next decade turns as ALL my kids will be grown and even one of my grand kids. (NO WAY!!!)
    Crystal…yep, I have a senior in HS now and is 18…born in ’92 and most days I cant EVEN believe where the time has gone. She just seemed so little, as I had other older kids. Now my first baby is 30! And my last is 11. What a ride life has been! (often a rollercoaster but worth every day I have been allowed to be a mom!)

  5. This maybe my favorite post yet. The look back is amazing and to be able to group all the pictures/memories into years is so special. I love your goals as well, I really hope you get to complete your family (and go to Europe too).

  6. I had to make a double-take with the toilet pic! That was great! I don’t know if I could remember a decade ago… You have many wonderful memories and I wish you all the very best for your future. Hopefully you will get to go to Europe and back to school.

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