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What are your kids learning in school?

My mother in law is a kindergarten teacher, and I am so lucky that Samantha gets to go to her class when we visit every week. Samantha missed the cutoff by a few weeks so she wont be able to start school until next year.

So what are they learning in Kindergarten? Samantha already knew how to write her name but she is learning to write in the lines, and also to write her last name.

Every morning they sit down on the big rug and practice the months of the year, the days of the week, their colors and shapes. They are also learning the colors in Spanish.

Learning to read is also one of the biggest things all of the kids are learning. We are starting with family words, like at, cat, bat, mat. I never realized how fast the kids can catch on.

Kindergarten is a lot of fun, the kids are learning structure, how to follow rules and directions. School has only been in class for two months and I am so surprised at how much Samantha has learned.

Now that she has learned each letter of the alphabet and the sound they make, she knows how to put the letters together by sounding them out to make words. Her first word she put together was “at” and she was so proud of herself. Now she likes to read books and try putting words together by herself.

We are huge fans of reading, and have many books from . For Christmas this year my girls are getting a nice bookcase with tons of new books!


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