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8 months

I can’t believe that Shelby is already eight months old! This month is nearly over and boy has she changed so much this past month.

She loves to talk and make all kinds of noises including blowing raspberries. She giggles and loves playing.

She stands up on everything and is fascinated with color and lights. When she hears music she instantly starts rocking back and forth to dance.

Shelby can still wear a lot of 3-6 month clothes but we have started wearing 8-12 months now as well.

This past week (Thanksgiving week) we introduced more foods. She loves using the pincher grasp and loves to self feed. She likes chunky foods over purees.

She says “ma” when she wants mommy, to nurse or when she is tired/upset. She also says “dada”

Bedtime is still a struggle. We try to get her to sleep around 9 pm but it’s hit or miss if she lets us put her in the crib around 11 pm or so. Sometimes she will stay in the crib and sleep until 2 am but more times than not she goes to bed with us…. I need to work on this one with her!

A few things we noticed:

  • Tooth 5 and 6 the first week.
  • Tooth 7 was noticed on Nov. 20th
  • She cries at strangers talking to her (and Unlce Mark)

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