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6 Weeks Pregnant

I can’t believe that I have known for almost 3 weeks we are pregnant with baby #3!

Since Monday I have started feeling nauseous but Wednesday it really hit and everyday since has gotten progressively worse. I remember how much morning sickness sucks, but I forgot how much it really did blow.

I had my first midwife appt on Tuesday (6.28) and the midwife is awesome. I am so excited to have a midwife again and use a free standing birth center.

At 8 weeks I have an u/s scheduled and also another MW appt that week as well.

A lot happens in the 6th week of pregnancy including the heart starts to beat!

Week 6:

The first heartbeats have begun! The baby is now an embryo and is about .25 of an inch long. Growth is very rapid this week. The umbilical cord develops. The eyes and ears begin to form as well as an opening for the mouth. The heart has begun to pump blood and most of the other organs are well under construction. Buds form on the body that will become the arms and legs.

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