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6 Practical Tips on How to Lose the Post Pregnancy Baby Belly

It’s happened! The stick changed color! You’re pregnant!

After the initial couple of weeks (once the euphoria has settled, just a little), you’ll start reading up all the information you can get on this amazing miracle of nature happening to you. Of course, one of the important things you’ll want to know about it is how to get rid of the post pregnancy baby belly and get back in shape quickly. At least, that was one of the very first issues that concerned me.

Well, let me tell you that every pregnancy is unique. In fact, one of the moms I talked to swore that her baby had started asserting her individuality even before she arrived. And, you know what? I found myself nodding in agreement.

Back to losing the post pregnancy baby belly! You could find tons of advice on what to do and what not to do. And, as you read this article, you’re going to wonder if you’ll get any usable ideas. I’m going to try. And, let me begin by telling you what the experts have to say about weight loss and getting back in shape.

Some Scientific Truths You Should Know

I read this on the American Pregnancy Association, a normal uterus is the size of your fist and it grows in the nine months of your pregnancy to the size of a watermelon or even bigger depending on the weight of your baby. Also factor in the placenta, amniotic fluid, and other tissues it contains. When you deliver, you cannot expect to get rid of the post pregnancy baby belly right away. It takes about six weeks for the uterus to shrink back to its normal size and your organs to return to their original setting. This whole natural process is gradual and takes time. You can’t rush it. So, use this time to bond with the new entrant in your life and let nature take care of your body.

1. Follow the Advice of Your Doctors

There’s no second thought about this tip.  Choose a doctor you’re comfortable with and who shares your ideals about natural birthing techniques and other stuff (if you’re into it!). If you’re on the same page, you’ll follow her advice without wondering if it is right. Check this page on Women’s Health. If your doctor warns you to refrain from exercising right after a C-section, rest all you can. If you tells you to eat a specific number of calories each day, eat them.

Once your baby arrives, you’ll have two doctors telling you what to do. If you’re nursing, you’ll have to do exactly what the pediatrician tells you to. Your baby’s health depends on it. So, if getting rid of the post pregnancy baby belly has to take a backseat, postpone it for just a little while.

2. You Need Adequate Nutrition for Recovery and the Baby’s Growth

Eating right can actually contribute to flattening the post pregnancy baby belly. That’s because you can nurse well and the sucking motion translates into the shrinking of the uterus. You also need to include enough micronutrients that will find their way into the breast milk. Your doctor will talk to you about how the nutrition maintains the metabolism of your baby’s body and ensures postnatal development. In fact, according to a 2013 study in Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics and Gynecology, women who nursed their babies were able to lose weight quickly in the 6 months after delivery.

Here’s another factor. Pregnancy and delivery are natural processes but they do take a lot out of your body. You need the nutrition so it can recover properly. So, choose healthy fats, high-fiber foods, valuable protein, and all the fruits and vegetables possible. Eat smaller meals more frequently that are easy to digest and help with the lactation.

3. Don’t Expect to Lose the Post Pregnancy Baby Belly Quickly

Baby Center’s lactation consultant, Susan Condon warns, “Don’t expect any miracle cures. Plan on it taking at least 10 months to a year to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight.” Condon also warns against the negative effects of trying to lose weight too quickly — doing so releases toxins into your bloodstream, which can affect your milk supply if you are breastfeeding.”

If you’ve had a C-section, your obstetrician will warn you that the procedure is very similar to having a major abdominal surgery. For this reason, you’ll need to give the sutures and body tissues at least 6 to 8 weeks before they’re healed completely. Begin exercising only after you receive the medical go-ahead.

4. Go on Long Walks

Walking is not only the best exercise but I’ve found that it’s therapeutic too. Being cooped up in the house with a crying baby and hormone imbalances can result in postpartum depression. So, weather permitting, get out of the house. Put your baby in a pram and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Walking can raise your blood circulation and assist with the recovery while the fresh air will lift your mood. Your baby will also enjoy the time outside.

5. Begin Exercising at 8 Weeks (or when your dr approves)

By the time your baby is 8 weeks old, you can consider taking serious steps towards losing the post pregnancy baby belly. I found that the best exercises included deep breathing. Exhale deeply and hold your belly muscles in until you feel the tightening inside. You can do these moves at any time when you’re lying in bed or even rocking your baby to sleep. In the initial stages, you’ll need time to develop your stamina. But, soon you’ll find that exercising becomes much easier. You could also check with your obstetrician about the abdomen crunches you can do safely. I found all this information on WebMd.

Just Keep in Mind – Every Pregnancy is Unique

Like I’ve stressed in the beginning, every pregnancy and delivery is unique as is the personality of your baby. While the steps I’ve outlined are the ideal way to do things, you might find that like me, you’ve been so sleep deprived that you simply haven’t had the energy to exercise or even consider stepping out of the house. I also know of friends that had to go back to work right after their delivery for financial reasons. Or, others who had difficult deliveries and took longer to get back their strength and stamina.

Sometimes it is extremely hard hormones, body changes and some women might want to look into  best ways to remove belly fat which I may look into as well.

I’d like to add one final tip on how to lose the post pregnancy baby belly. I found out about it only recently from friends who used it, but try getting and using the belly band. It can help you flatten that sagging tummy quickly. You’ll find more information on WebMD.







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