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5 Best Antioxidant-Rich Supplements

Since the beginning of time, the bond between health and diet has been a strong one. It is not possible for anyone not to eat healthily if they want to pay attention to their health. Our bodies produce antioxidants quite naturally, but sometimes there are not enough antioxidants in the foods that we eat, and this is when we need to turn to different supplements that can help us. You need to bear in mind that some foods are very rich in antioxidants and that you must make sure to eat plenty of them. Following a plant-based diet or eating foods such as whole grains is always a good idea. Fruits and vegetables are, for example, a great source of micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. But what happens if you simply forget eating those foods and you want to turn to supplementing? Take a look at the best antioxidant-rich supplements.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is perhaps the most popular antioxidant-rich supplement there is, and it is one of the most essential vitamins for our body. It can be taken in through food, especially fruits such as lemons and oranges, but it can also come in different forms of supplements that you can take on a daily basis. The most common use of this supplement is to reduce the symptoms of the common cold, and this is exactly why when we get a bit of a fever or when we feel like we’re going to get sick, we tend to turn to vitamin C supplements. Just like other antioxidants, this too works by targeting the free radicals in the body. It can also help reduce muscle soreness and muscle damage that is most commonly associated with exercise.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is a very important supplement that not many people know of. It is found in many different products that we use, but then again, we are not very familiar with it. Anyhow, this is the most important supplement that supports healthy heart function. If you are facing issues with your heart and you want to make it stronger and to improve its function, this is the supplement that you should have in mind. Even though many people haven’t heard of this supplement, it is possible to buy coq10 in Australia but also in Europe and America. This supplement actually helps to protect LDL-cholesterol from oxidation (and for those of you who don’t know, LDL-cholesterol is also known as “bad” cholesterol.)

Vitamin E

Vitamin E, on the other hand, refers to 8 different molecules that are divided into tocopherols and tocotrienols (each category is furthermore divided into alpha, beta, gamma and delta vitamers). This is the first antioxidant compound to be sold as a supplement, and only then was it followed by vitamin C, which means that it is very important for our body and that we need to do whatever we can to welcome it to our system. Vitamin E is very important for improving the blood flow and thus reduce blood pressure. Apart from that, it has also been found to lower oxidative stress and boost immunity.


This supplement is a very important part of a vegan’s diet. It is a blue-green algae, and it is often used as a source of vitamin B12 and protein. Spirulina is a supplement that reduces triglyceride levels, improves lipid profiles, immune variables and antioxidant capacity. Another great thing is that spirulina also boosts exercise performance, which means that it’s an excellent supplement for everyone who is into sports and who work out on a regular basis. Spirulina can also control allergies.

Alpha-lipoic acid

This supplement is most commonly found in meat, fruit and vegetables. This works well with mitochondria (which is basically the powerhouse of the cell) and it’s one of the most important natural antioxidant defenses of the body. Apart from being associated with reversing the oxidant damage due to aging, it also reduces inflammation and prevents a number of different diseases. It also improves blood flow and can reduce glucose levels in the blood.

To sum up, it is very important to pay attention to everything that we give our body. The diet is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle, and with it, the supplements that we eat. It is very important to understand and to recognize which ones we do not take in enough with food and start taking them separately. It is a small price to pay for a lifetime of health.

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