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39 Dollar Glasses

39 Dollar was developed by eye doctors to create an inexpensive method for people to acquire high quality, finished prescription eyeglasses online. From their experience in both private offices and retail establishments, the founders decided they could provide this service for people inexpensively, bypassing expensive retail establishments.

When I first saw the Laguna frame I fell in love with the pink and black together. The glasses are really comfortable and are perfect for doing my blog work!

Not only are the prices at 39 Dollar awesome (hence the name), but the products are quality items. Your not paying for something that is cheap and will break right away. I also love that the shipping is super quick. Lets say you break your glasses, you can have new ones within a few days! The glasses from 39 Dollar Glasses are 100% AMERICAN MADE. They don’t use cheap frames from China that many of the other online glasses companies do. 39 Dollar Glasses is owned by 2 eye doctors so their standards are far above most eyeglasses companies.

*A product was received.

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