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3 Ways to Get Adults to Try New Drinks

When it comes to food and drinks, adults can be just as picky as children, making it difficult for anyone who loves to try new drink recipes to get feedback on their creations. Some adults are stuck in their ways. They find a drink or two they like and stick with it. However, while it might be difficult to get people to try new things, it isn’t impossible. Check out these tips to help you convince your friends and family members to try your new drink creations.

Host a Taste Testing Party

Have you been busy trying out new mocktail recipes? If you want to share them with friends who are typically picky about new beverages, consider hosting a taste testing party. It’s a fun take on a wine tasting party, and you can host the event from your home.

  1. Choose a handful of mocktail recipes you love, and buy the ingredients to make them.
  2. Prepare your drinks in large batches, and serve them in small portions. You can serve your drinks in wine and/or beer tasting glasses or you could use shot glasses instead.
  3. Prepare a few different snack options to serve with your mocktails. Consider serving snacks buffet-style to keep things casual.
  4. As you pass the drinks out, remind people to share what they think of each new recipe — especially if the recipe is one you created.

Get Your Friends Involved

Involving your adult friends and family members in the creation process is a great way to get them interested in trying new drink recipes. Simply choose a handful of recipes you like, and invite guests to your home to make and taste new drinks.

You could even involve your guests in the selection process by having each guest bring a recipe they want to try to the party. Just make sure you have them send you a list of ingredients before the event or have guests bring the ingredients for their drinks with them to ensure you have everything you need during the gathering.

Consider Your Audience’s Like and Dislikes

Do some of your friends hate tomatoes? Well, those people probably aren’t going to be eager to try a new recipe for Bloody Marys. Before trying to convince your friends to try new drinks, you should consider their regular eating and drinking habits. Picky drinkers are likely to be picky eaters too — and vice versa. It’s a lot easier to convince one or two friends to come out to try a new drink recipe if they already like the ingredients.

Also, when it comes to drinking — both alcoholic beverages and mocktails — many adults get stuck in past. They think that trying out new drinks or attending a casual event means partying like they did when they were in college. Your friends might not have a lot of experience drinking as adults, so it’s important to teach them how to have a good time and a few drinks without access to a beer pong table or kegs.

Whether you create your own drink recipes or you just want to share products and recipes you love with your buddies, it can be hard to get people to try something new. But the more you share your ideas and recipes with your friends, the more likely it is for them to want to get involved with what you’re doing.

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