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3 Ways Save Money When Buying Kids Pajamas & Clothing


Clothing can be expensive, especially when it comes to kids clothing.  They grow up and you find yourself replacing their clothes faster than they can be shipped to your house.  Although it may seem like it is to expensive to buy officially licensed clothing and designer pajamas, here are a few tips to keep them wearing the latest trends in kids pajamas  and clothing without breaking your bank account.

1.  Buy interchangeable sets.

One of the easiest things to do to help make the most of your spending is to buy clothes that mix and match.  With pajamas you can buy graphic tees or characters and then two or three pairs of bottoms that match both tops.  If you buy a Superman or Spiderman top, you can buy a pair of shorts and/or long pants in blue and red.  Now you have six different sets of pajamas by mixing and matching them when you only bought 6 pieces of clothing instead of 12.  You can do the Superman top with the blue pants one night, then the red pants the next, and then switch the top out for Spiderman.  The other way this saves you money as opposed to buying non matching sets is that if one top or pair of pants gets damaged you still have other pieces to match them so you don’t have to throw them out or look for another similar matching piece.

2.  Open an eBay store.

If you don’t like clutter and don’t want to save your kids old clothes, try opening an eBay store to sell them.  If you can build a good reputation, then you may be able to begin making some money by selling the out grown clothes to put towards buying new clothes for your kids.  Not only does this help reduce the cost of replacing outgrown clothes, but it can also be fun and help you to feel good that you are giving someone great clothes at a reasonable price.

3.  Use a price comparison engine.

If you already know what type of product you want or have an idea of the style, try using a comparison shopping engine like Shopwiki or TheFind.  Not only do they have products from a ton of stores, but they also show you who has the best price and what people are saying about those stores.  This helps you to know what people are saying about their experience with the particular store and it shows you if they have the best price around.


Having kids is one of the most wonderful things a person can do.  Unfortunately kids are some of the most expensive things you can have.  By mixing and matching their clothing like cartoon pajamas, by selling your kids old clothing and by comparison shopping online you can not only start to save money, but you can help to keep your kids wearing the latest styles and fashions.

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Amanda Acuña an influential Mom Blogger created MommyMandy as an online resource to the parenting community. She has four children and they currently reside in Texas.

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  1. These are awesome tips!

    I have a “Hand Me Down chain” with friends, where I get old clothes for my son to wear soon, give his old clothes to another friend, who gives her old clothes to another friend, etc. etc. It works so well! Our family also donates clothes to a shelter to help others and it gives us a good tax write off.

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