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2nd Birthday

Sarah’s second birthday is coming up next month on the 30th and I wanted to get these together and printed (I think it can take up to 2 weeks to get them printed) anyways, so today I whipped up this tutu in about 10 minutes, got out a pair of faux pearls I gave the girls and my tiara from my wedding, took her outside and stuck her on the grass infront of our apartment. Al I had to do to get her to giggle was tickle her feet. I absolutely HATE my camera but surprsingly it takes some OK pictures outside. I cropped her a little, and made this in PSP7. I have PSE but I jsut started working on that program and don’t know how to use it very well. Anyways, this is what I ahve come up with. I need to add the information still (I emailed MIL about that one) and I need to put her birthdate on it. I wanted some advice on it and if I should change anything.


click on the picture to make it bigger

Here is the one I did for Sam this year

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